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Santa Rita do Sapucaí - Free flights Hawaií

Santa Rita do Sapucaí is known as one of the best flying sites in the South of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. Internationally renowned, it offers flights on flatlands and mountains allowing pilots to take off in almost every wind direction. Pilots with low experience have 3 wind directions available to take off with higher level security: N / NE / NO. In addition, the Serra da Mantiqueira is 45km from the takeoff, where the macroclimate changes with different characteristics, requiring the pilot greater ability for long distance flights. Our site is located on a 5km long mountain range that allows an excellent dinamic soaring. Its shell shape is the preferred scenery for acrobatic pilots training.
The record distance flown from our take off: 222.2 km by Leandro Padua on 9/10/2017. Take off in Santa Rita, landing in Tietê-SP after almost 7 hours.

A privileged place, in the heart of our ocean of mountains in Minas

Santa Rita is located in the South of Minas Gerais, 220km from São Paulo, 350km from Rio de Janeiro and 400km from the sate’s capital city, Belo Horizonte. One of the immeasurable beauties of Minas Gerais (4th largest Brazilian state) is our ocean of mountains. Therefore, we are in a prime location for free flight practice, especially for Cross Country flights lovers.


Several take off options in our region

Best FlyTour season: July to September

Minimum group: 3 pilots.

We take you and your group to a FlyTour on the mountains of Minas Gerais. Considering a 100km radius, we have several options of take off with great potential and visual for the practice of free flights. Contact us and together, we will outline the best route for your group in our magical mountains.

Several take off options in our region

Our STAFF will be in Santa Rita do Sapucaí and FlyTour will be customized according to the preference and experience of your group. Among the options with great potential for XC in the region, we have: Santa Rita do Sapucaí (Serra do Paredão) 10km; Andradas (Pico do Gavião) 160km; Cambuquira (Pico do Piripau) 90km. Do you want to visit any specific ramp or region? CONSULT US.

Join your group and ... LetsFlyUai!

Consulte-nos sobre o FlyTour

Come to fly and land with us, UAI!

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Our FlyTour includes:

We offer the OPTIONALS:


We offer the CONSULTING service in order to help you and your group with information about the local characteristics, forecast of the day, routes, takeoff times. This way your group will have better use on the days of flight with accurate information, based on the readings of weather forecasts.


We offer FLIGHT GUIDE for you and your group who want to have a better use on the day of flight. For this option, pilot and flight instructor Vagner Campos will fly together with the group, in addition to doing the theoretical consulting. It is important to emphasize that it is NOT a cross-course, it is only a follow-up for the group to be more comfortable about the definition of routes.


We offer CROSS COURSE with the pilot Vagner Campos, pilot of great experience in our region, where he develops his activities with students and carries out his preparatory training for competitions and for his long distance flights in the Sertão. Vagner Campos is the current World Record of distance declared.

Vagner Campos

Current World Recorder holder for declared distance of 451km. He flies since 2012, he has + 1000h of flight.


Best flights
Caicó/RN x Piauí: 524km - OCT 2017
World Record of Declared Distance: 451km - OCT 2017
Quixada/CE x Lindeza/Piaui: 385km - OCT 2015
Record of Boa Esperança take off/MG: 251km - FEB 2017
Take off Santa Rita do Sapucaí/MG: 211km - DEC 2016
Vento Bravo Escola e Comércio de Equipamentos de Voo Livre

Pri Saran

She flies since 2008 and is a very experienced event organizer… Organizing is her true talent. Even more than flying. She has + 50 hours of flight.


STAFF of free flight events
STAFF 3 courses - Mini Saia Para Voar 2017
STAFF Saia Para Voar 2016 - 2nd Free Flight Female Meeting
STAFF Saia Para Voar 2015 - 1st Free Flight Female Meeting
STAFF 4 stages Campeonato Sul Mineiro de Voo Livre 2011
STAFF PWC Stage Poços de Caldas 2010
STAFF 4 stages Campeonato Sul Mineiro de Voo Livre 2010
STAFF 4 stages Campeonato Sul Mineiro de Voo Livre 2009
Para o alto e avante!